50 BTC

50 BTC Minimum payout is 0.01 BTC Pay-per-share (PPS) with 3% fee Handy payouts: BTC, cell phone, Yandex.Money Registration not required Fast and …
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ABCPool.co The ABCPool.co philosophy At ABCPool.co we aim to offer you predictable, dependable service that exceeds that of other pools. We aim to …
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*Offline* ArsBitcoin “This is a bitcoin mining pool run by Ars Technica community member BurningToad. The pool is not in any way officially …
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Best Bitcoin Mining Pool

Best Bitcoin Mining Pool  


Bitarama Bitcoin Mining Pool with 1% Fee and Instant Payouts


bitcash.cz Bitcoin Mining Pool based in the Czech Republic.


BitClockers Bitcoin mining pool.

Bitcoin Balkan

Bitcoin Balkan Bitcoin Balkan – Srbija, Hrvatska, BiH, Makedonija, Crna Gora

Bitcoin Syndicate

*Offline* Bitcoin Syndicate We are a co-operative of individuals with the common goal of growing the bitcoin economy, and of course aggressively increasing …
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*Offline* Bitcoin-Station Bitcoin-Station is a mining pool and makes many people collaboratly search for Bitcoin with their computers. You find Bitcoins more frequently …
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BitcoinMonkey.com Bitcoin Mining Pool.


*Offline* BitcoinPays Mining Pool.


BitcoinPool The First Pool With No Fees


*Offline* Bitcoins.lc A mining pool for Bitcoin without any fees or costs. Here you can gather free Bitcoins and trade bitcoins for real …
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*Offline* bithasher Bitcoin Mining Pool.

BitLotto Mining Pool

**Offline*   BitLotto Mining Pool BitLotto is a Bitcoin mining pool that lets you automatically allocate a percentage of your mining proceeds to …
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BitMinter BitMinter aims to make the minting of bitcoins easy and accessible for everyone. BitMinter is a “mining pool” where the efforts of …
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*Offline* bitp.it bitp.it is a cooperative Bitcoin mining pool that allows for people to work together to mine Bitcoins.


Bitparking The bitparking merged mining pool allows you to mine for a number of different bitcoin-derived virtual currencies. This is a Pay Per …
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BitPenny each share is based upon 97% of the expected block reward block reward * (share difficulty / block difficulty) * 0.97

BTC Guild

BTC Guild BTC Guild is a true pay-per-share pool. Every valid share submitted is instantly credited at the current PPS rate, and available …
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BTC Oxygen Mining Pool

BTC Oxygen Mining Pool Our Features Pure PPS. Stratum Support. JSON API. Live Statistics. Automatic Payouts. Instant Payout. Friendly Support.


BTC WARP BTC WARP je prvi pool na ovim prostorima postavljen na jeziku koji je razumljiv korisnicima na teritoriji Srbije, Hrvatske, Bosne i …
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BTCMine Pooled Bitcoin Mining Server.


btcmp.com German Bitcoin Mining Pool


*Offline* BtcPool.ru Russian Bitcoin Mining Pool


BTCServ BTCServ is a Bitcoin mining platform which combines the mining power of users for the benefit of solving Bitcoin Blocks at a …
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BTCWorld German Bitcoin Mining Pool


Coinotron Proportional payouts. For each BTC block generated in our pool we get 50 BTC. Next we split these coins between miners proportionally …
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Deepbit.net Deepbit is a Bitcoin pool. Bitcoin mining allows you to make money with your computer (even when you are AFK), and pooled …
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Ecki.Net Mining Pool

Ecki.Net Mining Pool We currently have a fee of 1%, a transaction fee of 0.005 BTC, 0.005 NMC, 0.005 LTC per transaction and …
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Eclipse Mining Consortium

Eclipse Mining Consortium We are a collective Bitcoin mining pool designed to provide the maximum return on your mining investment. We strive to …
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Eligius Miners accumulate Pay-Per-Share as usual. When a block is found, the pool counts the total unpaid PPS credits. If there are sufficient …
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gbyte.dk Mining Pool With 1% Fee.


Hashrack Awesome charts Interactive and intuitive charts, easy to read and interpret. Realtime updates Realtime mining stats and indicators about your invest and …
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Horrible Horrendous Terrible Tremendous Mining Pool

Horrible Horrendous Terrible Tremendous Mining Pool As mining hardware becomes faster, the amount of mining related network traffic increases. This increases the network …
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*Offline* MasterPool MasterPool is a Merged Mining Pool that started as a Namecoin Pool. We combine our hashing power in order to solve …
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MaxBTC Make More Bitcoins. More Faster. Features Merged mining with NameCoin Zero Fees Double Geometric Payout Method Long Polling Automatic & Manual Payouts …
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*Offline* Mineco.in Bitcoin Pooled Mining. This pool is no longer active.


mining.bitcoin.cz mining.bitcoin.cz was the first Bitcoin mining pool, has been operating consistently since December 2010 and has a long history of stable and …
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Mt. Red

Mt. Red Reddit Community Mining Pool Reward Structure With Pay-Per-Share you get a fixed amount for every share submitted. This method has zero …
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OzCoin What makes ozco.in the first choice for Bitcoin Mining? Double Geometric Payout Method 1% Fee POT at 2% fee PPS at 3% …
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*Offline* P2P Mining We are a p2pool and traditional pool hybrid. Our pool submits shares to be included on the P2Pool share chain …
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P2Pool - P2Pool wiki page | GitHub project page P2Pool is a decentralized Bitcoin mining pool that works by creating a P2P network of miner nodes. …
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Polmine The server gives members blocks to solve. Each solution found is registered as one share. We pay you for every solved block …
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*Offline* Pool.Betcoin.co We created this bitcoin mining pool due to other pools not living up to our expectations with downtimes, etc. slowing down …
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pool.itzod.ru pool.itzod.ru has PPPS reward system with some features. Pool advantages: – Stable profit without luck influence and pool hoppers. – You can …
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*Offline* pool.mkalinin.ru We currently have a fee of 0%, a transaction fee of 0 BTC per transaction and use Last N Shares (1/2 …
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*Offline* SimpleCoin.us This site is run by completely opensource software. Running Ubuntu Server PHP pages served by Nginx & php-fpm Official Bitcoin server …
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*Offline* Swepool.net Bitcoin mining pool.

The French Pool

The French Pool French mining pool.


TripleMining TripleMining is a unique bitcoin mining pool that allows you to grow your own pool by adding friends to your personal minipool. …
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*Offline* x8s Mining Pool With 1% Fee.


*Offline* YourBTC.net Double Geometric Payout Method No Fees – optional Donation of 2% can be adjusted Single Sign On with your existing Google, …
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