Bitcoin Dispenser

Bitcoin Dispenser The Bitcoin Dispenser is a donation powered, free, small scale Bitcoin lottery aimed at people who want to spread the joy …
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Bitcoin Faucet

Free bitcoins for the newbie. Bitcoin Faucet

Bitcoin Street Faucet

Another beginners site for receiving free bitcoins. Bitcoin Street Faucet


Bitcoiner What is the purpose of Bitcoiner? Bitcoiner is made to popularize Bitcoin currency by giving out small amount of it to users …
View Listing German Introductory Site To Bitcoins. Includes Flash Game With Bitcoin Prizes.

Coin Reaper

Coin Reaper Faucet that includes a limited list of other free BTC sites.


CoinAd How does this work? CoinAd is a “free bitcoins” website, where you can get small (sometimes big) prizes every hour. All you …
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Daily Bitcoins

Daily Bitcoins How do I participate in this game? To participate in this free lottery you need a Bitcoin wallet. You can get …
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*Offline* Get digital money sent to you instantly when you try new apps, fill out surveys, view advertisements, sign up for …
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Know a Bit More

Know a Bit More Learn about a site Answer a question And get 1.01 mBTC today Earn up to 10% on referring!