Why join rBitco.in?

Bitcoin is the most liquid exchange in the world. You can invest and liquidate your money at will without any hassles! rBitco.in is the only site which pays interest, gives loans, etc…

Do I have to put some money into rBitCo.in to become its active member?

No. You can just visit the site and become its member and start earning Bitcoins. Once you are familiar and confident, you can also choose to invest in rBitCo.in.

Bitcoin as an Investment?

Bitcoin investment fetches you undeterred safe and assured 10% interest rate return (daily cumulative); much better in comparison to any other forms of investment, that is liquefiable at any point you feel like.

How to Invest?

You can add bitcoins at our website www.rBitCo.in (click here to open an account and start investing).

There are a lot sites giving bitcoin for free, use your bitcoin address generated after you sign in on these websites. You will soon be earning more and more bitcoins.

Benefits of investing with rBitCo.in

You can accrue points and get silver, bronze and gold points – that gives you better benefits in terms of your earning made through your peer account holder’s activeness.

Can I covert bronze/silver/gold points to µBTC?

Yes you can convert bronze/silver/gold points to µBTC. You have to accrue 100 bronze/silver/gold points to start availing that benefit. At the end of earning 100 bronze points you will be eligible and promoted for 10 silver points. At the end of earning 100 silver points you will be eligible and promoted for 10 gold points. At the end of earning 100 gold points you will be eligible for 100 µBTC free in your account.

How does rBitCo.in work?

rBitCo.in works on the principles of peer – peer networking where your referrals takes form of a pyramid with you at the top reaping benefits from all the referrals below you and their accounts. The more referrals you give the more chances of your earning more points and converting them to bitcoins.

Soon we will be using the ripple effect! Ripple can help you get credit / debit from your peers on the network. If you want to borrow BTC’s you can. If you want to lent your BTC’s at interest you can.

What is unique about rBitCo.in?

rBitCo.in provides you with bitcoins even for signin of any member of your pyramid. Even internal messaging between your pyramid members would earn you free bitcoins.

How much can I earn through my account/ my pyramid members

A simple calculation shows that you can earn 1 µBTC from every signin. So if you signin for 1000 times in a year – you can earn 1000 µBTC for free.

If your referral sign-in, you will be credited with 0.5 µBTC. Simply put if you have 1000 members in your pyramid, and all of them sign-in everyday, you will earn 500 µBTC every day freely.

What should I do to earn free µBTC?

Make rBitCo.in as popular as possible among your friends, peers, colleagues and family members. The more members are there in your pyramid, the more you will earn µBTC.

Search with google for “free bitcoin”. cointube.tv, bitvisitor.com are a few which distribute free bitcoins.

How easy or difficult it is to make new referrals?

It is very simple. You register your account and send a referral link to your friends. Once they click the link and register their account, you start earning µBTC right away. Search for IRC channels which use bitcoins. Give your referral URL on these channels, you will earn from their registration and signups.

What is different between investment in rBitCo.in and other investments available?

If you invest in bank, you earn interest. But with rBitCo.in you have double benefit:

  • you earn interest on your investment, and
  • you earn free rBitCo.in from your referral’s account too.

Thus your investment grows much more faster than any other forms of investment.


What type of interest rates are we talking about?

rBitCo.in gives a 10% interest annually, credited once a month on daily cumulatively calculations. But you should not forget that there is additional income for you through earnings from your pyramid members.

Is it easy to deposit and withdraw money from rBitCo.in?

It is very simple. Open your account and click on the transfer (deposit/withdrawal) button. You can transfer money (deposit/withdraw) from any other bitcoin address in the world to/from your rBitCo.in account.

Is my money safe?

Absolutely. Your money is secured, well protected and safe with rBitCo.in. It also earns more interest than any other form of investment you can think of.

Can I deposit money through my credit/debit card?

At present, No. We are working on this with the banks.

Can I transfer bitcoin between different accounts?

Yes. It is just a click away and your µBTC will be transferred instantly.

Global currency exchange rates

rBitCo.in offers a multi-exchange rate platform to all its users free of cost to convert their currency to any exchange rate they wish to.

If I deposit 100 µBTC how much I will earn in one year?

You will earn a minimum of 10 µBTC i.e. interest of 10% per year on daily cumulative basis – meaning you will get 110 µBTC at the end of the year plus depending on your referral and pyramid membership reach, you can earn as 1 µBTC for every 1000 activity (in terms of registration or sign-in or referrals or messages) within your pyramid membership.

Can I benefit from the fluctuating global bitcoin trade market?

Yes you can benefit from the global bitcoin market rates. But that only benefits you if you are an active trade investor – investing when the market is down and withdrawing when the market is up.

Does rBitCo.in support and help in buy and sell of Bitcoins?

Yes, rBitCo.in supports all types of buying and selling of Bitcoins from various other operators.

Will I get summary reports on my investment?

Yes. You can choose to see the performance of your investment in terms of fund size, periodic returns in terms of membership earnings and interests statement by clicking on a link provided in your account.

Are bitcoins legal in India?

As of now, there are no clear policies around bitcoin laid down by Reserve Bank of India.

How is the tax implications on my investment?

Currently as there are no laws governing bitcoins, there are no tax implications on your investment with rBitCo.in.

How does rBitCo.in match with other platforms offering the same services?

rBitCo.in is among the best in terms of return on investment (ROI). It is ranked equally and in some indicators much higher in terms of the benefits it offers to its members.

What are the unique benefits offered by rBitCo.in?
  • Gives away Bitcoins on activities within your account – registering, sign-in, referrals, messaging.
  • Gives away Bitcoins on activities within your referral’s accounts – registering, sign-in, referrals, messaging.
  • Earn more by lending bitcoins to peers
  • Get a loan from peers for your urgent needs
  • Holds unique prize winning competitions for earning free Bitcoins from time to time.
  • Gives away Bitcoins for clicking and visiting sponsored sites.
  • Basically you can earn Bitcoin every hour in 8-10 hours of your work-time.
  • Promotes games, competition (based on your interests) to win free Bitcoins.
  • Gives away competitive interest rates on your Bitcoin deposits for you to earn free Bitcoins.
  • Gives away Bitcoins for free when you retweet or forward an old message to every new referral / member
What are the plans for future?
  1. To make the platform globally attractive, rBitCo.in would like to offer its members unique opportunities to trade in bitcoins by opening up tie-ups with those platforms that can give higher returns and “Be happy” experience!

  2. To make the experience more user-friendly rBitCo.in has plans to link with open sourced widgets and softwares (for PC and mobile) to link with individual rBitCo.in accounts.

  3. Link rBitCo.in to the trade and exchange platforms of various commodity markets.

  4. Offer e-wallets to active members of rBitCo.in in near futures which would make it easy to use and would support mobile e-economy.

  5. Extend the rBitCo.in e-wallet facilities to various multi-brands retail chains throughout the world.

  6. Plans to incorporate various other services and features that are actively used by current membership on other web portals and platforms.

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